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continued accumulation imho!

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    Been a bit of a ride over the last few weeks. Seems the price is stabilizing and trying to rise. The buyers seem quite patient, always absorbing any downselling, even with larger volume.
    Have not had any half yearly report yet, not even sure if they have to give one?, anyone know?, but have had reference to increasing profits since last accounts, and with the tms aquisition profits are expected to increase again imho.
    I am expecting better figures to come out than back in March this year when the share price went above 9c.!
    I would think that the large fall in price was due to the share issue involving the purchase of TMS, and with all this out of the way and contiued increases in profits the share price has the capability of breaking the old high's.!
    I have been aquiring some jum shares and am hoping to see some good news released soon.

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