Contaminated food sold

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    Once again in Australia the public has been exposed to dangerous food that has been imported without the proper safety checks in place

    Not only do we have food being imported that puts our own growers and producers at a disadvantage regarding labor costs they are also at a disadvantage because they have to follow a strict regime in the growing and the chemicals that they use but the imported stuff have no such restrictions.

    There is absolutely no excuse or reason for Australia to import any food. Australian food has always been some of the best in the world and slowly and surely our politicians and bureaucrats have been systematically putting Australian producers out of business

    It has nothing to do with a level playing field, it is nothing to do with making Australian producers competitive it is just lying politicians playing their own game to benefit the  multinationals

    This is also the reason that they constantly refuse to produce labeling laws so that they public can see what they are buying, just about everything is now labelled, from local an imported products, which is code for saying it is 99% imported

    Fish, vegetables, fruit, frozen goods, packaged good, you name it go to Coles and try to buy anything Australian

    The people responsible should be charged with treason

    More frozen berry products have been recalled due to possible hepatitis A contamination, with at least five people contracting the infection in the food scare.
    Victorian company Patties Foods announced on Sunday it was expanding its recall to include all 300g and 500g packs of Creative Gourmet Mixed Berries.
    On Saturday, all 1kg packs of Nanna's Frozen Mixed Berries were recalled when the Victorian Health Department warned of a potential Hepatitis A contamination.
    Patties Foods CEO Steven Chaur said the wider recall was a precautionary measure.
    'We have decided that all our frozen Mixed Berries should be recalled until such time as we receive the results of further laboratory tests,' Mr Chaur said.
    'The recall is an important step to ensure public safety and confidence.'
    The suspect berries were packed in China before distribution in Australia.

    Sky News

    How long before nothing is produced in Australia, we will have to import 100% of what we eat, at least we won't need any fighter planes or subs because an enemy will only have to stop a few cargo ships and we will all starve
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