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Containerised Desal, Energy Storage

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    Energy Storage Conference & exhibition -

    Citigroup predicts battery storage will hasten fossil fuel demise -

    Housed in four 20-foot shipping containers in a Thomastown industrial estate, the battery can operate at full power for one hour, and can transition to island mode to provide power as part of a mini grid when parts of the network become isolated.

    NSW signs up to Global Climate Group

    The ability for Carnegie to produce power, store it in a containerised battery bank or direct it to the grid and have the option of producing desalinated water makes the future look very exciting for this small Australian company.

    Carnegie Wave Energy can create a local employment promotional dream for an embattled Prime Minister looking to boost his credibility and promote an Australian Renewable Energy phenomenon. What has the NSW government got in store for its renewable plan to rival California.......can they utilise Carnegies technology ?
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