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    Hey GDN crew!

    I have to say... it's been the most disparaging few weeks I've had since jumping on the wagon 18 mths ago.

    Both sides just dried up and even the full subscription of WCU didn't get anyone excited. Any future upside seemed to have gotten knocked out of the stock... How could you even say that drilling was expected in March, have nothing to back it up... and then continue a game of silence. I shake my head and feel so disappointed that shareholder should feel dudded YET again!

    I'm sorry I have no charting nor fundamental analysis to contribute, just simply thinking out aloud. I read the HC silence to mirror my sentiments, but I could be wrong - anyone out there care to remind me why I am riding this?

    In reality I was extremely gutted when I recieved my prospectus update a week ago... again a shake of the head. I could not even laugh when I got onto HC and realised I was not the only one - is it possible that they already knew it was going to be filled regardless and didn't really care??? But even that shows contempt to shareholders... WTF! Desparation when that is the only conspiracy I can think up to defend such sorrowful directors.

    I'm already in it and will hold it out - I seem to keep thinking that it is the worst it could possibly be... my rant is done! Good luck to all holders

    PS - as we all know the upside to this company, can someone share their thoughts on a worse case scenario ie if it liquidated or whatever listed companies do - what is the minimum shareholders could expect - ie in its current position can the market run this thing to zero? (i can only hope I jinx this thought and look a fool when the run up to $1 starts tomorrow)
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