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    1. DRK management let the 20 cent option lapse @ Dec 31, 2009.

    2. DRK management, as lead operator at Falun at the moment, do not make any further announcements until after options expire OOTM.

    3. DRK management announce drill results in new year.

    4. DRK is pumped, and a sophisticated investor CR is announced at higher levels than now.

    A few planets have to come into alignment for this to occur, but the best strategy is to let the options expire OOTM and buy on market to save dilution.

    DRKO are virtually worth nothing at the moment anyway and the bid on the heads is less than 20 cents anyway. So sub 20 cents is virtually assured in the new year, in the absence of new results. But I would not wait too long into the new year to buy into the heads, if you like the DRK story, that is.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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