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This is the way Mather runs the companies under his control....

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    This is the way Mather runs the companies under his control. Allow them to collapse in value and then become the savior with a group of his cashed up friends and buy it out for next to nothing and then make a motza by then managing the company in the manner realizing it's true worth and value. Look at DGR and all the other companies he is has the controlling managerial influence over and you will his self interest through and through. Small investors have paid enormously in all these current companies. Yes Orbis sold at a huge profit in the end, but in the lead up so many small holders lost and then all was revealed, and Mather made another fortune. I know his supporters will rubbish this post, but proof is in the pudding and unfortunately you, as small investors in a touted tier 1 company, the largest tin resource company in Australia & the most potential tin producer, are now suffering from such disaster. The resource and potential hasn't gone but your company has been starved, miss lead and so poorly administered. I feel sorry for those in management roles who have been trying to make this company work whilst being hog tied and bound by the self interested (as earlier described).
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