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    Hi all,
    Just read your posts,

    This is it--- I don,t recall CCE saying anything like what you posted, hard times?, and just happy if they could maintain previous Q,s revenue,s, which was up 170% ?, which was on two months trading only, your post is surely a bit out of context, they stated that they have some expensive regulatory and compliance costs to enter into Europe, or do you think that they could just walk in and set up shop?, they have also been granted a research grant of $150K, give them a bit of a go man, just think, they have been backed and given the money already to enter Europe.


    Don,t you think this dilutionary effect hasen,t already been factored in already?, it,s now common knowledge in the market, it,s not as if this issue has been hawked around, the enlarged issue was already taken, also the spp, was a concession to shareholders, and will be also taken up in full too. I for one, am also surprised that the sp has held so far, or do you think that these main backers are all of a sudden going to dump?, me no think so somehow, possibly there may be some come on out of the spp, which you would expect anyway from the penny pinchers, and this only amounts to 9.5 million shares in total, my feeling is that you may get 15% of these appearing, and this could present the only weakening, as the manipulators will try to shake the tree with these, as this would be their only window of attack available to them, they don,t like getting left out in the cold.


    LOL, quit with the ramping would you, CCE dosen,t need it, HAHA !
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