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consolidating - time to hold/accumulate.

  1. NT
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    The buying pattern lately has the smell of institution accumulation.

    Still looking for the 7-8 cent surge of share price in a short period of trading. Soon.

    A range of exploration results and corporate developments in the pipeline.
    When the fountain takes off share price should move into a series of all time highs.

    Then there is the quarterly report.
    No doubt the guts of which is already anticipated and/or in the hands of institution/s and is now being factored into share price.
    Must not open any opportunities to the "mums and dads".

    This quarterly report in itself will not be positive.
    What it will do is point in the direction of the following period.
    If institutions read strong developments ahead short term.
    Based on proven and reliable statistics.
    Expect a higher level of Anvil share price.
    And I do.

    The "show me the money" first pricing of Anvil by institutions would suggest share price will move in a serious of gentle surges.

    Mid to high 70's soon is a reasonable guess?

    Still holding the prediction of over 80 cents - closer to 90 cents even - after second quarter report is released.

    And also the possible spike to $1.20?
    Maybe later?

    Remember your guess is as good as ---


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