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    In addition to integrity and ability an astute investor must consider performance. The shareprice over a period of time is the only indicator that provides irrefutable evidence to quantify the performance level of a public company and the executives who control that company.

    PGS hit the market in 2004 and immediately fell to $.187. Apart from 2 very brief spikes in 2006 and 2007 PGS continued to fall to $0.01785 in March 2009. From there they have achieved $0.2 in November 2009 and have fallen since.

    This history demonstrates the lack of ability for this company to sustain an acceptable shareprice for their investors. The short spikes in shareprice would appear to be a result of news released to market.

    The fact that the shareprice is never maintained at the height of the spike is a clear indication that the news never comes to fruition and as a result shareholder confidence is further eroded.

    I can see no evidence to suggest that the current shareprice of $0.15 is not as high as it is likely to be for a good period of time.

    There can be no doubt as to the responsibility for the shareprice. It is clearly the responsibility of the executives controlling a company.

    Investors in PGS would do well to take a look at the postings on this site for 2 other companies. LKO and NWT. Observe the overwhelming opinion of the shareholders with respect to their executives.

    The facility of hindsight is a powerful tool however it will not assist in the recovery of lost investment capital.
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