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    Whilst we're waiting for additional downloads from the Cosmos which is a busy place and not known for responding quickly to organic microbes that inhabit out of the way cute blue/green/white Planets.

    "its all about the drugs that doctors script, that have side effects for destroying consciousness and the deliberate dumbing down of humanity flouride in the water , inflammatory foods in the governing approved diets. inflammation is 70% of all disease that kills humanity."

    I agree that in general conventional modern medicine does not yet recognize the extremely powerful force inherent in the body that promotes repair and regeneration.
    They still think the "placebo effect" is some sort of imaginary trick or psychological effect.
    Wise old Doctors knew the power of "Take these (sugar pills) and see how you feel in the morning."
    Medicine Men in all culture know how to harness the body's healing force.

    Just be patient and continue to refine what in modern pharmacology is beneficial and what is ultimately poisonous.
    Hopefully if you live long enough.
    Unfortunately some aspects of one's hereditary can't be healed internally and require intelligent additional intervention.
    Some modern medicines and procedures are helpful. Even life saving.

    Any progress on formulating your insights in a form accessible by the "average wotsupian" ?


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