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    its a process of formulating an order to reprogram a group of consciousnesses to perform a predefined objective and take responsibility for their commitment to synergise to a greater level of power in the collective action. a military order for the consciousness warriors. 

    just making it up... waiting for further downloads from the cosmos....

    its all about the drugs that doctors script, that have side effects for destroying consciousness and the deliberate dumbing down of humanity flouride in the water , inflammatory foods in the governing approved diets. inflammation is 70% of all disease that kills humanity.

    people are taking action for their own health as the authorities are unconscious and live with revenue consciousness field, that feeds off the death of humanity

    understand? the deadly trinity of drug companies, convincing doctors and the authorities, providing continual revenue for governments and all their jobs so it wont stop.

    its another field of the source of consciousness energy in the noosphere, they we unconsciously attune to, in our thinking process. so get conscious channels of awareness, for living without inflammatory foods or or taking anti inflammatory foods. then there will be no need for harmful drugs.

    Its another reason why posts on Hot Copper dont conform to the topic.

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