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    got these for consciousness warriors, that fits the topic.

    My observation is the prevalent consciousness on HC is to change the paradigm of the post.

    Getting empirical evidence of peoples posts that do not conform to the original objective could be done. It could just be an unconscious pattern of observation. I would quess about >90% of posts do not keep to the intent of the starters stated words.

    does any one question this and provide solutions for expediency. Maybe some way of tallying the data, if outsourced to some psychologist experiments need.?

    So stating that there is an energy pattern that subconsciously affects all posters on Hot Copper and describing that pattern that has the form of changing the intent of the starting posts words, is making awareness of this for others that are interested in learning more about consciousness,

    questioning where this comes from. Maybe its to do with money or what more important to the poster. Maybe need a degree in communication and psychology for this.

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