Consciousness, the ability to be aware of and to be able to...

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    Consciousness, the ability to be aware of and to be able to perceive the relationship between oneself and one's environment, consists of thoughts, sensations, perceptions, emotions, and an awareness of self and denotes different meanings to those having different perspectives on the relation between the mind and body. And if we happen to be immortal, than it must be a form of consciousness that, in some way, survives death. The fundamental question is whether or not consciousness is an interrelated by-product of the brain or is entirely independent of the brain. And if consciousness is dependent for its existence on the brain, then it will not survive brain death but if consciousness is a non-physical entity and not dependent on the brain, then it (“I”) may survive physical death. Therefore the soul is of immortal substance. But, much more debate is required for a mind that should be in the process of questioning all that comes into a conscious realm. cheers
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