congratulations to tony abbott

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    This man was given a snowball's chance in hell of competing against Labor's favourite Kevin Rudd. The left of Australia saw it as a battle of David vs Goliath but Tony (David) managed to pull off the impossible and get rid of Kevin (Goliath).

    Next on the menu from the left was Tony stood no chance of smashing Labor's majority. Tony worked hard everyday to make 'Australia stand up for real action'. Tony not only obliterated Labor's majority but would have been PM if it wasn't for those who betrayed their electorates in Lyne & New England.

    The left thought Tony would be gone after the election but Tony has done quite the opposite. He has put Julia Gillard on the edge to be kicked out as PM (fancy that - Labor getting rid of two consecutive PM's just goes to show there is no stability in the ALP). Tony has got the Liberal's into their strongest position since 2001 when the great John Howard was PM.

    Tony has given all Australians - hope, reward and opportunity. He has improved day after day as opposition leader and is just what Australia needs in a PM. A strong leader, a great thinker, a set of policies that will take action unlike Labor's waste and tax system and someone who everyday Australians can relate to as a gifted family man.

    Well done Tony - you have proved the left of Australia wrong once again and made the right proud.

    Congratulations Mr Abbott.
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