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    Congrats, ex fellow shareholders. A fantastic couple of days for you! Of course I was an idiot for selling at an average of about 5.6c a few weeks ago but I honestly thought I had time to make a little cash and buy back in again cheaper, as I'd done a few times before with a trading parcel, before news came to set a bigger rise off. As it turned out it hasn't really needed any blockbuster news. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have foreseen such a rise so soon. Even late last week I thought it'd stall around 10c. But at least I can say that I picked a winner - just bought in four years too early like most of you long termers.

    As I've said before, though, I haven't got the right mindset to hold things long term. Take this afternoon: if I was still holding my 2.5M shares I would now be so angry with myself for not unloading at 21c and instead seeing $100,000 wiped off the value by 4 o'clock. I'd have been saying out loud, "You bloody idiot! Why didn't you sell at 21 and buy back at the end with over half a million freebies?" That's how my mind works I'm afraid. Worse still, if Wall St has a bad night CXO could open at less than 17 tomorrow and then I'd be furious with myself. In any case, after such a rise on minimal news a pullback is normal and expected of course. Most of the big buyers today were probably intos anyway and they won't lose any sleep if it does drop a bit.

    But anyway, whatever happens tomorrow or next week, or the week after, barring some general market calamity, you won't be seeing sub-10c again, so that in itself is a major victory for a stock rooted in the 4s for so long. Hopefully the gold assays deliver the goods shortly and then watch it go! I'm seriously pleased for all you guys who suffered and persevered for so long and I hope by 2023 (if not before) you're all millionaires.
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