congo trouble v avl take off!

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    A little trouble in Congo.
    19 militants arrested.
    One soldier killed.

    A rather futile, badly organised, poorly backed attempt to rock the newly established Government.

    Perhaps not a bad thing.
    Will release a little pent up steam and tighten controls.

    Reminds one of the two Congo rebels who decided to take on the French led UN forces.
    They didn't last long. The French forces won.

    Certainly the "action" will not effect Dikulushi - long way away and secure.

    Now what would an institution wishing to take up many more shares do now!
    Why not another minor - sudden dump?
    "Scare and shake!" tactics.
    Bring shares down to less than 55 cents.
    Shake out stop loss orders, nervous nellies and get the herd running?
    Should be able to pick up another one million shares at prices that will look ridiculous in three months time.

    On the other hand we have broker indicating to clients AVL worth up to 68 cents now with announcement of to list in Canada.

    Could AVL hold above 55 cents - then move above 65 cents?

    An intersting day ahead.

    However the real fireworks starts in about 3 weeeks time and will continue until trading in Canada has commenced.

    That will be the end of Chapter 2.
    With more chapters to come!


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