GDN 0.00% 1.7¢ golden state resources limited

confirmed...its commercial

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    You do not stop drilling a well at this depth to pull out and run DST's...

    Unless you are jumping out of your skin to know what you have found.

    Time consuming and expensive they clearly feel they have something significant here.

    Also like the little throw away comment re the "next well"

    Pre drill prognosos suggested they would only do so if this one was commercial.

    I think it safe to assume we have AT LEAST 50BCF...which was valued pre-drill in the $1-1.50 range.

    My guess, 100bcf+, jut for the Alkali Gulch memeber they are currently testing.

    I suspect not one of the recent holders/investors/traders will risk not holding this over night.

    Big afternoon coming pewople.


    posted by T4P on 1st November 2006

    Disclosure: No position. No sentiment.

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