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I think it's well documented that I don't have a lot of faith in...

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    I think it's well documented that I don't have a lot of faith in management. I'll do my best here to give you the fairly agreeable parts, and if you want opinions on the likelihoods of various successes, feel free to read the rest of the threads

    You now hold shares in both ISX (original number) and ISXFEU (one tenth of the original number). The number of shares is unimportant. Combined, the company is still worth the same.

    ISX is an Australian company which is (technically) listed on the ASX.
    ISXFEU is a Cypriot company which is unlisted.

    You own each investment directly. About 90-95% of the company's value is in the Cyprus based company.

    You have no ability to sell your Australian shares on market. You may, in time, be able to sell your Cyprus-based shares. This will likely be 12-18 months away.

    If ISX survives the next few years (see the threads), I'd say it's likely that ISXFEU will issue a takeover of ISX, reclaiming the company in to one investment. That seems the most logical strategy to bypass our current restrictions and move overseas in full. This part is simply my conjecture though, and the company haven't given any indication of this.

    That's pretty much it. As I said, if you want information as to the chances of success or failure in court battles, read the rest of the threads. It's a very polarising question. Some are adamant they'll win, some are adamant they'll lose.
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