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Confirmation Bias

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    Demerger approved overwhelmingly.

    This, apparently, has confirmed that:
    1. Those with a None or Sell sentiment are paid downrampers
    2. That so-called downrampers are licking their wounds as their so-called attempts to prevent the demerger have failed
    3. That the share allocation means that the price on listing - wherever that will be - will be multiples of whatever it would otherwise be
    4. That listing on a foreign exchange is imminent
    5. That the various cases in various courts are now a done deal
    6. That the issue of the performance shares has been proven to be fair and reasonable and good value for all shareholders
    7. That it is an overwhelming vote of confidence in the MD & CEO
    8. That a short squeeze is coming soon.

    Only one of those undoubtedly true.
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