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    How can anyone have confidence in this stock when it keeps getting downgraded?
    If these brokers were so good they would have got it right the first time. It only goes to show that they dont know what is going on. Does anyone?
    I recon let this crisis play out and let those bloody yanks unwind and lets then just wait for their dollar to tank.
    At that moment they will all come flooding back to commodities like flies to Sh--t.
    I cant wait for them to go bankrupt.Then the rest of the world will disregard them and we can get on with business.
    Where will oz minerals bottom? Thats anyones guess..50 cents maybe 30 cents. One thing is for sure and that is that when it is time for it to recover it will happen very very fast.
    As for the company itself..i think the reason behind the large board is because they want to be taken over. The preditor will calculate the savings of the sackings once the job is done.
    I dont like current management and i think Andrew small eye is useless.
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Open High Low Value Volume
$15.23 $15.23 $15.01 $1.622M 107.2K

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8 1181 $15.08

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$15.09 843 11
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$15.07 $15.20 $15.01 14155
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