confessions of a reformed mug.

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    Been doing this for a few years now after putting my Broker's kids through Uni. Think of everything you could possibly do wrong on the market and I guarantee I've done it! Made a whacking profit on Efftech (I think that was the name) options in '87. Sold for a great profit, lost the share certificate, found out I had to buy them back. In the meantime they dropped by some 50% and I ended up with a whacking loss. Efftech made condoms. Seemed FITTING at the time.

    I don't do F/A.
    I don't read books about the market.
    I don't do T/A.
    I never, ever buy a good story.
    I don't read financial mags.

    I DO print out charts and look for a stock that has been in an obvious and sustainable uptrend for at least one year (the less volatile the better).
    I DO use a stop loss.
    My gamble (can't help myself) is holding a max of two stocks.

    No 10 baggers, no excitement, no thrills, but guaranteed to be DULL.

    Managed to buy BRZ at the top, but I've had enough successes under my belt over the last few years to be convinced this has merit. An ounce of luck doesn't go astray either.

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