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confessions of a non gold bug ...

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    "I must admit that I could care less where the bull market is. I am not a gold or silver bug. I understand monetary history and the events unfolding today are in history what make gold and silver shine and their true use, as money, reappear.

    I am in this for the money just as I was in tech for the money. As a private investor, that is what I focus on. While technical analysis can help when entering free markets the fundamentals are what matter.

    Simply, supply and demand is the key. Gold and silver supply is dropping. Gold and silver demand is rising. These factors have been in play for years but have begun to become exaggerated over the past few months. Now is the time for this secular bull market to begin to pick up speed.....

    Gold and silver are in secular bull markets. There are not many sectors which will come out of this mess looking pretty but the precious metals will surely be the winner. I cannot pound the table hard enough. This is an historic opportunity. For those who can stomach the volatility the stories told will be epic..."

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