All this is missing the point. There are philosophical, religous...

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    All this is missing the point.

    There are philosophical, religous and psychological reasons to give the guilty a chance to confess there crimes and be forgiven. That forgiveness requires true repentance by the individual. The Catholic sacrament for this has been around for centuries. Those that are cynical of it don't need to participate.

    It is different than the course of the law which has the object of catching the guilty and punishing them. Punishment has a few objectives; as a deterrent to others, retribution and protection of society.

    All countries that have religous freedom have accepted that priests won't report those who have confessed in the confessional. Otherwise the sacrament would cease to exist for murderers, rapists, thieves, adulterers, cheats etc.

    That does not mean the church condones sin or crime.

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