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    Morgan & Banks participation suggests the company has a promising future. Has slowly been putting a few runs on the board.

    Latest announcement adds to this :-


    HOMEX - Perth

    The West Australian Department of Industry and Technology has awarded
    a contract to Concept Systems Australia (ASX: CSI) for the provision
    of a modern integrated Human Resource Management Information System
    (HRMIS) for WA Government agencies and approved users.

    The scope of the open tender allowed respondents to offer a bureau
    service, an Application Service Provider (ASP) or an in-house option.

    The selection process, which took just over twelve months to
    conclude, involved a rigorous evaluation and due diligence process
    across all aspects of the respondent organisations.

    Although it was envisaged that a panel of ASP and Bureau providers
    would be established, Concept Systems Australia Pty Ltd has emerged
    as the sole provider of these services under the newly awarded common
    use contract.

    Eileen Aitken, Manager of Western Region for Concept, led the team
    which successfully tendered for the business. "We are delighted to
    have secured the contract and look forward to working in conjunction
    with the WA Department of Industry and Technology in the years ahead"

    "It is particularly gratifying that in open tender against all other
    players in the market, we achieved this selection for both our
    software and our services", Eileen says.

    The common use contract term spans an initial five-year period, with
    potential contract extensions through to September 2010.

    In addition to having the potential to provide around 70 WA
    Government agencies with a common use contract to provide a
    transition from their existing Fujitsu Bureau contract that concludes
    in March 2004, this contract extends to all WA Government agencies
    and a number of other approved organisations.

    For further information or interviews with Ms Eileen Aitken, please
    call Ro Markson at Markson Sparks! on (02) 9699-2000 or Katie
    Harvison on (07) 5442-7880
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