computer problem

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    Howdy all

    I am hoping that someone with a bit of knowledge about computers can assist me.

    Everytime i click on internet explorer and get my homepage up, on the bottom of my screen a blue strip appears and on it are various adverts, such as "make money", Music, Casino, travel and a few others as well as a search bar. Under properties is comes up as "" Further to this, I get a message each time I try to get a web page up I get an error message that states "script error" and then mentions URL "", the very same thing that pops up on the bottom of my computer screen

    I have an antivirus as well as NoAdware and Xsoftspy and none of these are picking this thing up as malicious.

    I am only seconds away from shooting this damn computer, so before I take such drastic measures, can anyone shed some light as to what is going on and what I need to do to get rid of this nuisance?



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