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    I have a computer problem that reoccurs regularly and drives me crazy. I do seem to get rid of it but then it comes back. Don't know what I've done to get rid of it or cause it to reappear.
    In essence my computer seems to freeze for perhaps 15 to 20 seconds every 15 minutes or thereabouts. My screensaver is the randomly rotating date and time - every 15 minutes this will freeze for 20 secs.
    It's like my computer is being scanned by a program at regular intervals.
    Programs running at the moment are; power saving, explorer,Systray,Navapw32, N Protect, and RNaapp.
    I assume 2 of these are to do with Norton but don't know what RNaapp is. Tried to turn it off but without much luck.
    Any whizz kids out there? Save my sanity.
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