competitive evaluation process-what does it mean?

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    What a debacle on the issue of submarines to be built as part of Australia's defence strategy.

    Extracts from ABC news below and a link to the full story beneath.
    "Tony Abbott accused by Labor of making up submarine project term to win spill votes."

    "Australian Strategic Policy Institute senior analyst Andrew Davies says "competitive evaluation process" is not a formal defence term.
    "It's not a formal part of the nomenclature in Defence, no," he said.
    Dr Davies does not believe Mr Abbott's promise provides any more clarity on how the contract will be awarded.
    "Before the comment made in the press yesterday about the submarine strategy, we didn't really know how Defence was going to go about acquiring the new submarine and I'd suggest that we still don't," he said.

    "...Despite some stuff-ups and cost blowouts, we must continue to build submarines in Adelaide if we're to invest in our national security, writes Tim Mayfield."

    "Independent South Australian senator Nick Xenophon told 891 ABC Adelaide he would be delivering a letter to the Prime Minister this morning, asking him to define what a "competitive evaluation process" means.
    But he said essentially the phrase was a commitment to do nothing."

    Full story on link below:

    I just hope that Australia is not locked in to Abbott's captains call to give the contract to Japan and that Australia is where the subs will be built. Seems to be some shifty business re this as no-one, not even Government Ministers have been able to define "competitive evaluation process".
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