LUM 0.00% 2.3¢ lumacom limited

+++ competition +++

  1. 22,691 Posts.
    Competition: Guess the LUM share price at close of Friday, Dec. 19, 2003.

    Lummetes, suggest you have a go at this COMPETITION:

    It will close on Tuesday, 6 pm or such time as the organizer decides: he wil give notice.


    Entrants so far:
    Munch: 76
    Bev: 115
    Georgeaux: 115

    Mr Sism: 138
    Stolwyk: 142
    Ransom: 154
    Pdehwa: 175
    Matt Black: 175

    Cyclone: 175
    Floyds: 182
    Moonlight: 187
    Rocknocker: 229
    Tezjm: 248

    Jmainau: 7.40

    Please do your own research and you decide if and when to buy, hold or sell any stocks.

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