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    There has been much talk about the Chinese buying resources and needed quantities.

    An article dealt with China trying to buy into Canada's oil and pipelines as well as oilsands to the dismay of the USA who had relied on backfeed from Canada.

    It was mentioned that the Chinese didn't care too much about the price (within reason) but wanted the companies now. They can do that because the Chinese Govt. pays for it (In bad US dollars).

    Actually, the consequences are far reaching. It is not only the Chinese who want to lock in resources; the Indians have a lot of USD as well and want to spend it.

    It has become a battle about the choisiest bits with China well ahead with preparations.

    Those who can't spent Govt money (The USA) may well be left with acquisition of companies of less scale and quality and thus higher costs.

    Or, given enough time be locked out of certain resources for that reason.

    In time those who are guaranteed resources can sell their products at higher prices because they can plan better, their intelligence is superior and they don't need to oversell, instead, just keep feeding the goods.

    Now, what does that mean for Australia?
    I think that it has a brilliant future having these resources which mean everything.

    Of course, some resource companies may not be worth investing in but many are.

    The phrase "The lucky country" will have a special significance spreading over years and years.

    Once the Yanks take their blinkers off there will be massive emigration to Canada and Australia first, then other countries.

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