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    Hi Reiners,

    It would be nice if G co's could be valued by those parameters used in that chart...would make investing very simple.

    Flake Size

    Majority of posters on a stock have absolutely no clue on what is crucial, what is reasonable and what is achievable and the figures quoted by all these various G co' example is the CAPEX cost...huge variances amongst the projects...I understand that there are different factors from each deposit that will ultimately require a different amount of Capex ...but some $amounts are just so wide apart that it should ring warning bells to investos...the only way to have a higher level certainty that those figures, and the whole project in general, are achievable is by getting the final BFS checked by an INDEPENDENT 3rd party who is tasked to confirm if all the figures stated are date I only know of one G play that has such an INDEPENDENT valuation done.

    Lately, I am reading a lot about flake size is king, but purity and crystallinity and it's importance seem to have been conveniently forgotten.

    Basing one's investment on very high basket price quotes for super jumbo flakes is fairly risky...the market will not choose their G supply just on flake size...

    Graphite Markets

    Anode, Expandable, Traditional and takes time for a G deposit to be qualified for most applications (higher Basket price groups)
    The ones only focusing on ONE market might do well for a very short timeframe, until more supply reaches the market...the ones who have done
    extensive qualification testing and have spent large amounts of time and money doing so over the past 2-3 years have qualified their deposit to be able to supply all those different markets are the ones to look out for...qalification time is a killer..especially in the Anode sector which incidentally, is set for an exponential shift in demand.

    Single Resource/ Only Upstream Focused

    Thanks to the LiSector having a head start on G, investors in the G space have had time to understand the importance of choosing a project that has both Upstream and Downstream projects and of equal importance, those projects must be well advanced and aiming to have a decision to
    proceed with their projects sometimes this year ...any with a 1-2 year timeline till commencement will struggle to give current investors any sort of ROI...

    One example of such a Co is:

    Now the interesting thing with this sample Co is that their Downstream Business Model can be replicated in quick succession in multiple locations and what is even of greater importance, it is not reliant on ONE single G feedstock, but it has demonstrated it can achieve higher purity product at a cheaper price point than the current world leading producers and, as important, without using Hydrofluoric Acid in their purification process, and it works on 10 different G deposits from around the world as feedstock.

    Businesses such as these have the potential of providing early investors with very strong returns.


    All IMO

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