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comparison to FUN

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    with both fun and asc both expecting sales revenue of 100mil I thought I would offer a comparision between the two. Both are retailers/e-tailers, one has a market of the adult population, one of the Kids.

    Current EPS:
    Adultshop: -4
    Funtastic: 5.9

    Current PE:
    Adultshop: - 10.51
    Funtastic: 10.68

    Adultshop: 0
    Funtastic: 5.5%

    Market Cap:
    Adultshop 120mil
    Funtastic 34mil

    Is Adultshop grossly overvalued or in funtastic grossly undervalued. If they were tading on the same fundaments, Funtastic should be around $2.30 (now 63c) or adultshop around 12c (now 40c).

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