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comparison of find

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    OPL have said they have gas shows for 35 feet between 7830 & 7865 and then another 14 feet between 8286 & 8298 feet - total of 49 feet in their ForbesGas hole.

    (note this is NOT a sledge of OPL - they seem to be a fantastic diversified drill company)

    but to compare that to the potential in JH1 where there are 1000 feet of hydrocarbons with bot gas & oil - I know different regions & flow rates etc etc but it does make you think this is probably a very exiting find. Add to that the circulating talk of 'very exiting' seismics from JH2 and the permitting for gas wells on JH1 and you get a lot of potential IMHO.

    Choose OPL ofr safety, NEO for leverage and NEOO for the rollercoaster.

    Good luck - I own a few carriges on the rollercoaster.
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