comparaive market caps of junior telcos

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    I've been updating this table at the end of each of the past couple of weeks. Here are Friday's closing figures.

    Comparative Market Capitalizations (Undiluted) of Junior Telcos as at close of trade 29/08/03 (assuming SWT total class issue 141,975,262 ordinary shares):

    ASX Code Market Cap. ($ million)

    AMM 33.2
    CAG 58.0
    HTA 230.7
    IIN 96.9
    MAQ 35.6
    PWT 75.2
    SIU 18.2
    SOT 216.4
    SWT 14.9
    UEC 162.9

    I've made no secret of my support for Swiftel (SWT) on this forum. Looking at the above I still like it and, indeed, without trying to tread on anyone's toes, believe a compelling case exists for rotating out of the bloated into the lean.
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