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Company websites outdated

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    Just having a nosey around looking at the companies websites and really they are utterly DISGRACEFUL to say the least. For a company that wants to be a leading software maker in the finance sector wheres the professionalism needed to update OUTDATED WEBSITES. Corporate structure doesnt even list George as the new CEO.

    Ask yourself, where is the 1st place that potential clients and investors look at ---------- COMPANY WEBSITE.

    Full of old irrelevant information, lack of visual appeal and corporate news structure.

    I know that they have stated in a recent update that the websites would be upgraded and rebranded , but how long does it take to do with the near completion of the CBA pilot and what if a deal is signed and potential clients/investors go to an outdated website looking them over., what would you think if you were in their shoes.??? NOT A GOOD LOOK. Is it sellable .???????

    very unprofessional in the marketing area.

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