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company valued at 27m wins 20m payout

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    Any payout that adds 70% to a company's market cap is highly significant in anyone's reckoning.

    Attention now shifts to the overdue Nortel ruling to see whether Judge ward multiplies the jury-awarded payout of $28m. While it is possible that he could deem it excessive and reduce the payout, precedents in similar cases have commonly doubled or trebled the jury-awarded amount, according to business coverage of the case in the U.S.

    If the payout awarded does exceed the jury-nominated amount, look for IPR's share price to undergo a very substantial re-rating. Given that the other companies named in the IP dispute chose to settle on terms favourable to IPR, Nortel could be seen to be recalcitrant by Judge Ward and may then be hit with punitive damages. All of the above is of course conjecture till the ruling is announced but anyone unfamiliar with the background to this long-running and costly dispute only needs to read IPR's announcement following the jury verdict to see how confident the company is of a favourable ruling.

    Then there are the other cases currently in progress to whet the appetite. All in all, the best aspect to today's announcement IMO is the vindication it provides of IPR's IP-assertion business model.

    I am a long-term holder so caveat emptor and DYOR.
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