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    The company has fiduciary responsibilty to report on a timely basis to shareholders and it will as public company , but it is run like private company as biospace reports.. What us should understand is that the company is controlled with 50 of the 55 million shares by three ;DR Gray, Hunter Hall ,and Citicorp and some other instos.They are believed to have already decided it is in best interests for acquisition of SRX by big pharma. is the rumor. They will release news of Sir Spheres becoming standard of care to ASX soon but the 5 million shares in minority hands are along for the ride only. The trick is getting some of these shares before they release the news to ASX and before the acquisition. Any shares bought below $7.5o ,of which there arent many, can look to double. that is why $4 shares are gift and the sp will go through $ 4 very quickly to highers levels soon. My opinion only. Do yoour own due diligence and work as I have
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