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    For those who missed it when released, the presentation put out by the company on the 22nd as an Overview, gives a clear direction where they are heading in the short to medium term and, medium to long term.

    Of particular interest to me, is the very clearly stated support that the World Bank and the Kyrgyz government has extended for the short to medium term program at the Mailuu Suu tailings site.

    NMR are looking to get into very early production from the Tailings and random tests indicate U levels of ...40 to 690ppm... with further testing being programmed for March 2008. It also stated that there is ...Potential for substantial short to medium term uranium production....

    In the meantime, the data from the Batken Oblast Project 20000km aerial is expected to be available in the near term, with drilling of the highest prospective areas set down for 2Qtr 2008.

    All in all there is much to be pleased about and I feel very comfortable with the prospect of the SP starting to escalate quite substantially once things get underway.

    By their own admission March is set to be an entertaining time and hell... that is just not too far away.
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