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company operated drills

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    Someone mentioned here that MCO own their own drills.....? What a positive move this is. I was talking to a WA mining spruiker the other day and he said that some of these little explorers are getting absolutely fleeced pricewise and timing wise on key equipment. Holes that were cheap to drill 2 years ago are now costing multiples of then. With the stronger A$ and these costs rising, you have to applaud this mob for buying equipment outright........Many explorers can't even get drills to site they are in such tight supply. Does anyone know any more about this drilling program at Woods Point? The price movement has been interesting and volumes pretty solid. This stock can trade a couple of mill shares per day when running so something seems to be building....... It's hard to tell exactly from what we see of the share register but it looks like the Directors here own lots. Like perhaps 40-45% of the stock. This gives me confidence to be bullish here. MCO.VIC.GOLD I like it!!!!!! dyor - talking my book obviously !!!! (but confident)
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