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    It annoys me greatly having to start this thread at all, but it seems that our STILL BOD doesn't understand the meaning of the word communication. Boy and just (In Feb this year, when we all thought they had turned a corner and leaned from the past mistakes)

    Over the past 12 months let us review the monthly announcements
    April 2020: 4
    M 3
    J 8
    J 1
    A 2
    S 3
    O 3
    N 2
    D 2
    January 2021: 2
    F 10
    M 5
    And since the 16th of March ZERO (I don't count BS announcements that are housekeeping at best)

    So here we are with a mine in Tanzania, Multiple Battery Grade Graphite processing plants being planned and variously started, a battery grade recycling process that apparently the world is interested in, genuine international market eyes on us because of some earlier Feb announcements, close to getting OTCQX listing (albeit I am blown away why ours is taking so damn long compared to other lesser funded companies) ....and all projects with overdue deliverables, and did I mention 55m or so in the BANK ...and that e Everything especially battery minerals is the media darling.

    And apparently in amongst all that we are meant to believe that in the PAST MONTH, NOTHING newsworthy has happened at the company....on any front...Nothing in Tanzania, nothing in Kwinana, Nothing in Germany, Nothing in the US, Nothing at Head office, Nothing with offtakes, NOTHING. And we are meant to believe that shorters just happened to know they would be safe shorting EGR at this very juncture...after a February and early March that saw 16 yes 16 announcements that all affected the SP ...that they had no heads up that there would be a 4 week news vacuum...that our new partners Allianz, Paradice and Jefferies are happy to drop multi millions into our kitty and then get the longest stretch in over 12 months of news vacuum?

    Seriously BOD, pull your collective fingers out as this is not how you in over your shareholders. And even if you plan to drop 14 announcements tomorrow everything that is overdue already ...that doesn't excuse you for this staggering failure in SH communication. This isn't a penny stock...and it doesn't belong to belongs to Shareholders...KEEP THEM INFORMED. GET IT RIGHT GOING FORWARD

    Praise where and when it is due. Kick up the fundamental orifice when it is clearly due. KICK KICK KICK

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