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    Once again commsec are interfering with my trades. I placed and order of 10000 IDT at 0.515 on Friday afternoon and it was partially filled this morning. I was a thousand odd short and as I about to build another position in this company I decided to amend the order to at market. After a delay they bought at 0.52c a parcel which left me short 192 shares. I waited and waited and then rang them to see what was happening. There was a seller at 0.54c for three thousand ahares, but commsec would not let the 192 go through at that price because the order was "too small". So I asked them if I could buy the 3000 at 0.54 and after checking they said I could. This is not the first time that this has happened to me and I am steaming. E1 Sentiment VOLCANIC
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