commsec article in shares mag.

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    Did anybody read the new article in the lastest shares magazine regarding the BEST online brokers? I'm sure it's just coincidence, but on every page there is an ad for commsec. The article always has a very favourable review of commsec. Alas, I have been giving commsec the benefit of the doubt the last few weeks, but with my account balances going screwy again it's beyond a joke now. On the plus side, the ordering still seems to be working and I just discovered they still provide the EOD data TDW provided, despite the fact that I was told by tech support that they don't have it. So I'm updating my charts and program so I should be able to trade effectively again soon.

    * The article also had a chart indicating services provided by different brokers. On it, it indicated that Commsec do not have dynamic data. If this is correct, then does this mean the market depth I am watching is delayed(AKA incorrect IMO). If so, by how long?
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