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commercialisation of the pentrix anti-cancer vacci

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    HOMEX - Perth

    Australian Cancer Technology ("AustCancer") (ASX:ACU) today announced
    that it is engaged with a number of parties who are evaluating its
    Pentrix(TM) anti-cancer vaccine. This follows the recent announcement
    of highly promising results from the Phase 1b/2a clinical trials of
    the vaccine at Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital.

    The time frame for a commercial outcome on Pentrix(TM) for AustCancer
    shareholders may be relatively short. "By early next year when the
    current trial and the associated work are complete, Pentrix will be
    'deal ready'," AustCancer Managing Director Dr Alistair Cowden said.

    "Pentrix(TM) is an attractive product in that it has the potential to
    treat up to 50% of all cancers, rather than one sub-type of cancer.
    It also has advantages over other vaccines in regulation and
    manufacture as it does not require individual engineering for each
    patient," Dr Cowden said.

    Pentrix(TM) is designed to harness the immune system to destroy
    residual tumour cells after surgery or chemotherapy and immunise
    patients to prevent tumour recurrence. The potential market for
    Pentrix for treatment of cancer patients has been estimated at US$5
    billion per annum. Should the longer-term vision of utilising the
    technology for cancer prevention in healthy patients be realised, the
    market potential would be much larger again.

    All patients who have completed the St Vincent's trial produced a
    strong immune response to the vaccine. Pentrix(TM) is a synthetic
    human antibody vaccine which targets up to 50% of all cancers, giving
    it "potential blockbuster" status according to AustCancer Chairman Dr
    Roger Aston.

    AustCancer Managing Director, Dr Alistair Cowden, said, "The response
    to the Pentrix TM trial results from potential partners has been very
    encouraging. Our task now is to select the commercial option that
    will give Pentrix(TM) the best possible chance of achieving its full
    potential and deliver the most value to AustCancer shareholders."

    AustCancer is currently expanding the portfolio of patents covering
    the Pentrix(TM) technology and following formal completion of the
    Phase 1b/2a trial in early 2003, aims to publish the results in
    international journals and at major conferences. It has also
    commenced the design of a full Phase 2b trial aimed at determining
    efficacy and clinical outcomes. As part of that process, the Company
    will prepare an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the FDA
    in the USA to permit opening a trial centre in North America.


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    Phone: Phone: Phone:
    +61 8 9486 4622 +61 8 9486 4622 +61 3 9620 3333
    Mobile: 0419 914 988

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