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    someone give this person a medal, again we have someone on hotcopper stating the obvious (with a bit of undertone no less)

    im sure that the clever investors in this stock know the pros and cons of investing in it. if a commercial agreement were to be signed, then this stock is severely undervalued, if no agreement eventuates, then those that bought in anticipation of one would sell and hence force the price down.

    unless you my friend have the benefit of hindsight, you are as clueless as anyone else, for an agreement will be based on pure potential, and that is out of everyone's hands.

    it is for that reason that your post becomes rather insignificant but for communicating the nature of biotechnology to the novice investor. i would hazard a guess that not too many novices hold this stock based purely on how it has traded, and who is trading it.

    i said this before the much talked about rally started and ill say it again, the company knows how to market itself.
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