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comment on three key patents

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    From Ozestock:

    I can only say that without your valuable assistance, others and I would have no idea as to the timing of certain events.
    Please allow me to refer to some possible outcomes. These could be quite different than originally accepted.

    1. Patents and earlier assumptions.
    Data is from my Software Library but apart from some additional remarks from me, is entirely supplied by you:

    3.3 Kelly and Husband: Composition and method for protecting skin from UV induced immuno-suppression and skin damage. Patent 6,455,032. Date: 24/9/2002:'6,455,032'.WKU.&OS=PN/6,455,032&RS=PN/6,455,032

    3.3.1 Hidden application (now published) 10/212,847:

    9.2.2 Appl. 09/986,509...."Treatment or prevention of menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis" -See post 2803, Date:21/3/2002-Due Xmas 2003?'20020035074'.PGNR.&OS=DN/20020035074&RS=DN/20020035074

    9.2.3 A . Health supplements containing phyto-oestrogens, analogues or metabolites thereof. Patent 5,830,887. Date: 3/11/98: (Note there are 4 hidden Applications attached to it-posts 2986, 2990, 3994, 6117 - Due Xmas 2003 or later:'5,830,887'.WKU.&OS=PN/5,830,887&RS=PN/5,830,887

    Comments: Item 9.2 2 was commented by you at an earlier stage. This will be an important Patent, if allowed and if defensible. I don't intend to refer to this from now on.

    Items 3.3 and 9.2.3 A are also of great importance. Many posts have been written on the assumption that a Commercial Agreement will be signed sometime this year (item 3.3) and that "the Isofavone" Patents (item 9.2.3A) were not that far away.
    It culminated in post 6167.

    The premise was that should there be "problems" with the Phenox. trials, NRT would have an excellent "fall-back position" and that additional cash to come from the execution of items 3.3 and 9.2.3.A, would be supplied at an early stage (milestone payments, royalties).

    2. What has changed:
    You mentioned that item 3.3 had a hidden Application (item 3.3.1), now published and that it could take up to 18 monts or less before this Patent group could be approved.

    Re item 9.2.3.A. Again you mentioned that it could take some time before this Patent group would be approved. (I entered the remark: "Due by X-mas 2003 or later").

    3. What are the implications?
    Patents from items 3.3.1 and 9.2.3.A are most likely to come after Xmas. The Phase II trials are to terminate in June; perhaps because of delays it could be July-early August.

    Thus there will be a long time interval to Xmas or later when additional money can be expected. However, any successful trial could completely change the picture.

    NRT had $40 mill. cash on 1July 2002 and $35 mill. six months later, so there are no problems with running the company and further cash will be available say sometime in the New Year.

    NRT does get some payments from DUPONT as well. If one or more trials are a success then NRT may wish to start another subsidiary to expedite Phase II of drug NV04a. (CN's method).

    If there is no success in any of these trials then possibly NRT may finance this Phase II of NV04a themselves, may find a partner or may delay this.

    The Adder, the delay in receiving these particular Patents just means that planning for-and execution of future trials could have to be "tightened" somewhat depending on the outcome of present trials, and of course we shall miss some income. Otherwise no problems and we hope for one or more successes in the current trials.

    Appreciating your work,

    Any reference to MEI has been omitted.
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