Collingwood Side by Side in 2019

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    Watched the Pies practice match against Melbourne on Friday morning. Pies looked 4 weeks behind Melb on ball handling.
    The good news: Jamie Elliott looked good on return from LT injury, new recruit Qaynor looked great, Darcy Moore marked well at fullback but sprayed his kicks. Callum Brown laid a magnificent bear hug tackle on Harmes and young Josh Daicos has spent the summer in the gymnasium. Greenwood a hard worker.
    Max Gawn still looks bloody good for the Demons.
    Best of all Dayne Beames snapped a beautiful left foot goal from a spillage after a marking contest at centre half forward.
    Anti Collingwood umpires were out in force early, will they ever give us a fair go?!!!!!

    Go Pies.
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