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Collapse of the 'American' Union

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    Having read all the many posts on the Iraq subject it has occured to me that it is about 12 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union and 17 years since Gorbachev came to power.The Soviet Union was formed after WW2 in the split up of conquered land at the time of the cease fire.It could be well said that the current American Empire/Union was also formed at that time,consisting of the victorious countries and allies.The war and expense of it has held these countries together for 57 years;however is it now going the same way as the Soviet Union?The satellite countries of the Soviet Union became too expensive to control in modern times and it became more logical to disband it.Gorbachev in 1985 commenced the process with the introduction of Glasnost and Perestroika.
    What I am leading to is that the American Empire model is also wearing thin at the edges in current times;the argument that we have to rely on the USA to defend us from the 'evil forces' out there is outdated.It was believable after WW2 when nuclear attacks were possible and the cold war was in its infancy.However as time has passed Europe has paid its debts and rebuilt its industry and cities;Japan has become a major economic power without the need of military conflict.The need for many western nations to be sub servient to the USA has passed.This may have lead to the current pointing out of imminent dangers that the American Governments have taken to.They are calling wolf too many times when most nations want to get back to where they were before war became a necessary part of economies.It may be said that the war scenarios around the globe are being created by interests that benefit from the belief that only America can save us from the dangers,imagined or otherwise.In short ,is America trying to perpetuate the myth that we are in danger,in order to perpetuate the American Empire WW2 Model.
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