Colder 2015 ahead for Australia

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    The World Meteorological Society have got their desired headline leading into Paris climate change talks in December. "2015 hottest year ever" . Never mind that by their own admissions this was only 38-45% true and even then after adjusting several continents figures.
    However 2015 is shaping as much cooler .Australia is on a cooler summer trend according to AGL energy producers. Overseas there has been a prolonged ,severe winter over North America. This year`s figures will be harder to fake . However 2015 figures not released till after Paris talks . As Pachauri ,head of the IPCC famously said when the IPCC predictions and models proved very wrong "Its not about the science but the politics".
    Long may the trillion dollar climate rort continue to enrich its brain dead but account rich followers.
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