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    It's unlikely that many of you guys an' gals are aware of the severe discount war in the soda-pop market.
    It's my business, and I am buying cans of drink cheaper now than I have ever done before. All brands, Coke, Pepsi and Schweppes. Not only through supermarkets either, there's nothing new in that, but Coca Cola is offering retailers unheard of discounts. This must be the first time ever and the risk to their bottom line should not be underestimated.
    Those 5ton red trucks you see everywhere are normally delivering Coke at outlandish prices, more than double the supermarket price, to retailers who must grin and bear it if they don't have the time to buy from Woolies. I'm not privvy to CCL's figures but it is accepted that most of their profit is made in Oz and I imagine that most of that has, in the past, been generated out of the wholesale route trade. Discount that and I see trouble ahead.

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