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coke###new times square sign revealed 1st. july

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    New High-Tech Coca-Cola Sign to be Revealed July 1, 2004

    NEW YORK -- The Coca-Cola Company today announces plans to unveil one of the largest digital canvases in the world -- a new three-dimensional, high tech display -- in New York City's Times Square on the evening of July 1.

    The innovative advertising sculpture measures more than six stories high, and is considered the world's first digital communications portal featuring 32 custom-made convex and concave, high-definition LED screens.

    Coca-Cola signs have been landmarks in Times Square since 1920 and this interactive display is introduced as both Times Square and the local Coca-Cola bottler in New York celebrate their 100th anniversaries.

    The new spectacular will feature custom-created, digital imagery from the Coke Classic and Diet Coke brands, and from C2, the latest product to bear the trademark of the world's best-selling soft drink.

    The inaugural ceremonies will also unveil a special gift to New York -- The Time Machine -- a three-minute audio and video tribute featuring the New York City landscape and Coca-Cola images over the past 80 years, marking the first time the Times Square sign will display content about New York. The special video will run at the top of each hour.

    "The new Coca-Cola display represents the intersection of cutting-edge technology, advertising innovation and entertaining content," said Javier Benito, Chief Marketing Officer, Coca-Cola North America. "Given the location of this sign at the world's most famous crossroads, the new display provides an experience and projects an image that is globally relevant."

    Developed by more than 40 engineers and designers, the sign features some of the most advanced screen and digital technologies available including GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to remotely manage the controls, 2.6 million LEDs (Light Emissive Diodes) to illuminate the image, and 57 bits of processing to power the speed for the animation, creating an unprecedented digital experience. The design and shape of the 32 sculpted LED screens enable the sign to have a 60-degree vertical, and an even more unique 140-degree horizontal viewing angle.

    The Coca-Cola Company has been pioneering outdoor advertising and how it connects with consumers for more than a century. For more than 80 years, Coca-Cola's Times Square sign has been one of the longest-standing, continuous billboards in the world and was among the first electric outdoor advertising signs in history. In 1923, Coke brought a new dimension to its billboard by adding neon lighting. The most recent Times Square sign, featuring the world's largest Coca-Cola bottle, was on display for 13 years."

    Some thoughts:
    1. The article makes no mention of who invented the sign.
    2. If this is LUM's sign, and not some other company's sign, then has there been an announcement to the ASX? The last announcement I can find from LUM is dated 10th. June in reference to their Moscow sign.
    Form your opinion about this.
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