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    Recently listed CogState and Perpetual bought I believe over 8 million shares recently, for a good reason, today featured in an article:

    Beckham may have his head examined

    By Elicia Kennedy

    A SMALL Melbourne company could soon be playing a major role in monitoring the health of David Beckham and millions of other soccer players around the globe.

    Newly listed CogState yesterday revealed it had been chosen to take part in a major new study sponsored by soccer's governing body, FIFA, on the effects of head injuries on brain function.

    Initiated by FIFA's Medical and Research Centre, the Oslo study will use CogState's cognitive CogSport computerised test to assess the effects of concussion and head injury on 300 professional Norwegian soccer players.

    It will also look at whether heading the ball is harmful.

    The company said the study, potentially a major boost to CogState's profile, was the first major research effort to examine whether minor head impacts could cause brain injury.

    The CogSport system is already used by various sporting bodies, including the AFL - CogState will soon publish the results of a four-year AFL study - Britain's Jockey Club and the Australian Wallabies, to test recovery from concussion.

    Developed in the late 1990s by Melbourne University scientists, the test involves a sequence of cards flashed on to a computer screen to test players' reactions, decision making and memory before and after sports injuries.

    CogState said it was the only computerised neuro-psychological test of its kind in Australia, and that it was more sensitive and effective than clinical tests done by doctors.

    CogState shares slipped 1¢ to 52¢ yesterday.

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